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Accredited by NAAC With B++ Grade With a CGPA of 2.89




          The infrastructure facilities and other learning resources of the college are used very well for the teaching- learning process .Maintaining and utilizing physical academic support facilities. The quality of the teaching- learning process is maintained by adopting appropriate policies and procedures utilizing the infrastructure facilities of the college. The college is equipped with adequate facilities for accommodating the needs of students, faculty, and the administrative staff.
          The college has a well- maintained computer lab, Wi-Fi facility, Networked computer, and printing facility, Scanner-printers, LCD projectors, interactive Boards White Board and Green Boards. LCD projectors and interactive Smart Boards are effectively used in regular classroom teaching where learning is more comfortable and comprehensive. An interactive whiteboard enhances the effectiveness of classroom instruction and learning. All the classrooms are equipped with computers and LCD projector.
          The library supports the academic needs of students, research scholars, and Faculty of the college by providing information resources such as books, journals, periodicals, proceedings, reference books, project reports, and theses. The library has an organization collection of thesis of Research student, publication of Teachers, subscribe and open- access e journals, collection of digitized books, Educational articles, question paper of B.Ed. seminar proceedings etc.
          The Students and Faculty of the college have optimally utilized the well mentioned laboratories such as computer lab, technology, psychology lab, and science lab. As per need of new era teaching learning facilities are provided to enhance digital capabilities of student teachers. The institution tries to provide new aspects of technology.


procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. A. Annual contracts has been signed with the following parties in order to maintain the physical infrastructure
1. Annual Maintenance Contract with the Generator vendor
2. Annual Maintenance Contract with the A.C. vendor
3. Duties allotted to the menial staff for maintaining
physical infrastructure B. Procedure of purchasing and maintaining books, journals and other facilities by the Library department

• Requirement related to books, journals and other library material is taken from all the heads of the department and faculty members of the college in the beginning of academic year.

• Finalized requirements are sent to the central store for further process like calling of quotations, comparative statements etc. Once the discount and rates are finalized, orders are placed to the respective vendor by the central store.

• After receiving books by the central store they are transferred to library department.

• The librarian makes sure that the books are returned after completion of examination by the students, No dues certificate from library is made mandatory for issuing of transfer certificates and leaving certificates.

• Teaching and non teaching faculty are informed to submit the issued books on their credit to the library before the last working day and then after completion of stock verification year, H.O.D. of each department places the demand list of the lab. Goods and chemicals as per their requirement new books are issued as per the requirements of faculty and students .

• Library monitors the visits of students and faculty members to library on daily basis a biometric machine is installed for recording attendance of the students, faculty and staff.

• The process of weeding out of old books, journals and other material is checked and resolved by the library committee in consultation with the Principal and Management

. • For long term safeguarding of books pest control of books and other material in library is done on periodical basis. C. Procedure of Purchasing chemicals and laboratory goods

• At the end of the academic to the Central Store of the institute through office sales register.

• The Central Store calls for the quotation from different vendors, after Comparing quotations, the central store places the order.

• Once the orders material is received it has been distributed to the respective departments as per their requirements. D. Maintenance of Academics and physical facilities

• Allotment of classrooms and all other places on the campus is made for each employee for Maintenance and concerned staff’s work is monitored by office superintendent.

• Water supply tanks supplying potable water to faculty as well as students are cleaned regularly.

• Laboratory equipments are maintained and repaired through annual Maintenance contract

• Computers purchased under various schemes are maintained and repaired through annual Maintenance contract. Admission committee guides the students seeking admission to B.Ed./M.Ed. courses Maintenance of sports facilities is done by college staff on regular basis